Woodley Town Council

Rules and responsibilities:

Welcome to Reading Road Allotments

This brief guide outlines the basic rules and responsibilities contained in your allotment tenancy agreement along with some helpful tips and information so you can begin to enjoy your allotment as soon as possible.

Things you need to do:

  • An allotment is primarily for the growing of vegetables, fruit and flowers for you and your immediate family enjoyment…. any fruit trees to be grown on dwarf rootstock. After one year, 70% of each plot should be cultivated, forming the basis for future plot surveys carried out by the allotment association.
  • Keep your allotment well maintained and in a proper state of cultivation at all times and keep the allotment paths and surroundings immediately adjoining your plot clean and free from weeds.
  • Display your allotment plot number clearly and prominently on the plot.
  • Not cause any disturbance or nuisance to other allotment holders.
  • Leave the toilet clean and tidy.

Things the Council will do:

  • Work with the Allotment Tenants Committee to address allotment issues, un-cultivated and poorly worked plots and allocation of vacant plots.
  • Provide a water supply within reasonable distance of all plots.
  • Maintain the perimeter fencing and gates.
  • Maintain a waiting list.
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